Are dream jobs only just a dream?

You strive, to become a teacher, a successful entrepreneur, a great politician, an astronaut, be part of the police force, an artist, a writer- basically, you want to steer yourself to the direction of who you want to be. And to be what you want to be, you must have an interest in that particular job. So tell me, how many of you have actually managed to get your dream job?

Well, from my observation, not everyone.

Today I want to talk about being so caught up in our goals and forgetting about what is really important in our lives. Imagine, getting your dream course and working your way at full speed towards your dream job, only to bump into certain obstacles on your way.


You know, like not getting the grades you desire, having family problems that affect your life, relationship problems and those kind of things. Obstacles can also refer to other things like not getting into the course you want, not having enough money to attend the school of your choice or even letting your fear overtake you. You might tell me, oh these are normal, they fall into everyone’s way at a certain point of time. 

But when the time actually comes, do you know how to handle any of it?


Sometimes, these obstacles hit you like a thunderstorm, leaving you hopeless and dreary, letting you succumb into the negativity of your conundrums. They will drain you, take away that drive that you once had, replace it with depressing thoughts and finally let desperation consume you.

Desperation of what sorts?

The desperation to find the drive to continue with your end goals. Everywhere you turn, you face the same questions over and over.


How do I solve this?

When will this end?

Am I ever going to make it?

Your friends can only try to convince you to never stop giving up, but only you know how to continue with this journey you planned out for yourself. For example, fear is a popular factor among us that will prevent us from achieving our goals. Some people fear interviews, others fear going to school, people might be petrified of the work environment they have to face.

This is when your dream job remains only as a dream, and that’s because some people give up after being stopped by their fears. I’m not saying that it is wrong, taking the easy way out. It is in the nature of us humans to want to lead an easy life- at least, from my point of view. I mean why not? It would be best if we don’t have to ever face our fears right?

But if we do not face our fears,,it might emerge as our greatest regret. Yes, we know the peripheral dangers that are looming in our path towards success, yet we chose to stray from the path, take a different one we are not satisfied with and later wonder why we did not have the determination to stay on with the path that we originally took. That my friend, is pure, bitter regret. And whose fault is it?

Our own.

Well if this sounds familiar to you then fear no further. Those, are only your goals. The battle has not subsided as long as you are still breathing. Think about what has happened. If its your grades that are preventing you from getting the course to your desired job, have you considered studying? No pain no gain.

And if you did study excessively hard for it, is it the criteria that the education system has set for you too difficult to achieve? You have to look at the situation from 2 different perspectives. Sometimes, its really not your fault. Things like being a doctor or maybe a lawyer, mostly you have to be the cream of the crop to get into such jobs.

Why is the criteria so high?

Its the things that are taught that affects the criteria for entering the course or the line of job. Some theories are too complex for some people to understand, so the criteria is just a benchmark set to check on whether one can handle complex information easily. And that is when one proves it with their grades or interviews, to show their capability in handling the questions or tasks with this level of difficulty.

How bad do you want it? If you want it bad, it just means that you have to work towards it as much as you want it. No one is going to help you if you aren’t going to help yourself.

With much to say, I just want to remind you that its not only your goals that drives you. Look at the people around you, think about those that care for you. When you’re tired from work or school, who was the one that always makes you meals, or who was the one that gives you encouragement whenever you’re down? These are external factors that actually keeps you going without realizing it. Don’t get so caught up with the end of the journey that you forget to appreciate the journey itself. Different situations teaches you different things, different people makes you learn different things. It shapes up your mindset, your drive, your willpower and energy to pursue in what you love.


It doesn’t matter how long it takes before you reach your dream goals, but what’s important is your own person. Determination is what you need to carry on, and determination is engraved in your character itself. By how you develop your own character is well, how you perceive what life has taught you.

Just like the piano, the black and white keys both create a sound. But you need them both so that you can create a melody, and each part of the melody is important because that’s what shapes it to become a song.

So whether your dream job is just a mere dream? It is up to you to decide for yourself.



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