Hello Kitty Cafe In Singapore

Treat yourself to hello kitty themed furniture such as their chairs, tables, and even their teapots and cups are hello kitty based. The cafe itself is eye catching, what attracts you to it is its garden-like design, white garden fencing surrounding the outer perimeter of the cafe. The flowers you will see are the orchids, representing the country of Singapore. I was served by the friendly and well mannered staff, taking home with me a wonderful experience.



I went there for desserts and drinks, and as shown in the picture above I ordered the Kitty goes Banana Split. The macaroons were what tempted me to pick this from the menu, and the presentation of the dish itself looked amazing.

The strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, one of the three main ice cream flavors that you will find anywhere complimented each other, and I might say the quality itself is slightly better than the usual ice-cream you get from grocery stores. The flower petals sprinkled around the banana added on to the garden touch, upholding the theme of its orchid garden cafe.

The next item I ordered was the strawberry marshmallow tea. The scent of it represents a sweet blend of both strawberry and marshmallow together, it smelt exactly like a strawberry, except slightly sweeter. When I tasted it i could barely taste the marshmallow in the tea, but the taste of strawberry was distinct but not overpowering. So if you are looking for some tea with a subtle touch to it, I strongly recommend the strawberry marshmallow tea. There is also a hello-kitty shaped buttered biscuit accompanied with your dish and it goes really well with the tea. If my memory serves, the price for the tea isn’t that expensive, given a sanrio themed cafe like this.

The next order was the ice salted caramel latte. I would recommend it to latte lovers of course, its unique flavor which was enriched with a pinch of saltiness behind will leave you coming back for more.

The Price

For a character themed cafe get ready to bring spare cash with you, because the amount you going to pay isn’t much for the quality of its food but of course it is all for the ambience as well.



On average I’ll rate the taste of the food there approximately 7-7.5 out of 10. It is worth visiting, given the insufficient (in my opinion) number of such cafes located in Singapore.




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